Welcome to Arma Shipping & Chartering Co.
        At present, by sea transportation, which has a major role to the global economy, billions of tons cargoes are being transported anytime from one country to another within the world ports.Very few persons are aware about the developments occured during the transportation process.The firms, recently functioning in trading sector, who are searching how and with whom their cargoes will be transported to the ports in the best way.The professionals who had their names recorded within the giants of the world trade with their experiences and trials gained in many years.The firms which have interest in marine transporting and would like to have their rights protected.
Arma Shipping&Chartering Co;

It's the professional service we give within the knowledge of responsibility which;

*Attention for the self-interest of both parts; the charter and the ship owner,
*Refresh information data to prevent any damage that may happen to both parts,
*Follows all the latest publications about the developments and organizations in the sea transportation world.
*Overcomes the most probable problems with the charter-party and its additional clauses before the transportation.
*Leads to both parties by examining and interpreting cargo documents issued during loading and discharging operations
*And in case of a problem, remains in between to settle matters amicably to prevent any loss of time or money.  

Beside the commodities such as; 

*Iron & steel
*Bulk Ore and Minerals
*General Cargo
*And agriculture products

Please do call us for the transportation of the special cargoes such as;

*Heavy lifts
*Dangerous goods

Let us provide to you the best and the most economic sea-transportation service.
Arma Shipping&Chartering ; the inter point of the sea transportation
e-mail : chartering@armashipping.com